Important Message Regarding Fiction Family Leak

Earlier this week, the Fiction Family album was leaked on an unofficial fan-made soundcloud account. Since then, the page has been removed by management, but copies are still roaming tumblr. If you have re-blogged a track, please delete the post, and if you know of any audio posts, please ask the blogger to remove them.

Also, I’ve seen a few examples of this and it needs to stop as well:¬†leaving nasty anonymous messages to tumblr users will not help the issue.¬†Most of these users did not know the track was leaked unofficially.


The Fiction Family leak is NOT official. It’s NOT okay to share/upload/record any tracks you managed to get during the hours the album was out. The leak was not “okayed” by anyone connected to Fiction Family. I contacted Jon about it this morning and he immediately acknowledged that this was not supposed to happen and needed to come down. PLEASE stop sharing these tracks! PLEASE do not search for them. PLEASE respect Fiction Family enough to allow them to release the songs when THEY want to, in THEIR time frame.